Bob Across America

Bob Mueller is unicycling from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon to raise money for the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund.

Video Roundup


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Catching Up

Hello all! Yesterday was our first day back on the road after a much-needed few days’ rest. The weather was beautiful and the kids felt totally refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sunrise over Staples in Fremont, Ohio.

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Bob will be appearing on CBS Channel 11 out of Toledo tomorrow morning, LIVE, at 9 am. We are very excited and grateful to the WTOL crew for giving Bob the opportunity to strut his unicycling prowess and raise awareness for the Red Cross on their morning show! More on that tomorrow, plus a dramatic account of the one-wheeled crossing from Ohio to Indiana. And pictures, delicious pictures.

Into Indiana

Yesterday was so busy and social! It was definitely rose above our current norm of riding, sleeping, eating, repeating. We took a quick detour from the route to return to Toledo and appear on the CBS Channel 11 live morning show, where Bob no doubt stunned and amazed audiences with his pretty face and charming words.

"I'm going to go over there and then you can do your thing"

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Hurdling Towards Illinois

Nope, not hurtling, I mean leaping over obstacles. Bob’s tire and tube needed to be replaced, and we couldn’t, for the love of Pete, get the old ones off the rim. Several creative solutions, consultations, and professional assistants later, Bob’s super tough tight 36″ uni wheel was replaced and ready to roll. A special thanks to Dennis of Channel’s Cycling Services in Rochester, Indiana, who freely shared his expertise and tools (and Christy, who shared some amazing iced tea), and to Amy from for all her help!

The kids did give it a good try themselves.

To make up for the day lost in the shop, Bob unicycled an epic 103 miles today! We’re cozy in Kankakee, Illinois and looking forward to dodging both in-town traffic and scattered thunderstorms tomorrow.

Looking Back

I was just skimming through some photos from different stages of the trip, and thought I’d share some of my favorite visual and temporal bits of the journey so far. More photos after the jump!

Kicking off from a bridge in Fremont, Ohio.

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Night Riders

Since Bob’s rather scary experience being jostled by Illinois wind and Route 6 traffic, we’ve been brainstorming ways to deal with the 25+ mph wind. A few nights ago, the solution presented itself as the day’s rough wind mellowed to a gentle breeze as night fell.

Night riding! Put on your pajamas everyone!

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Downtime with Grandparents

Due to the weather, some minor health issues, and the appearance of our best friends and supporters Grandma Pat and Grandpa John Uebelein, we decided to take a couple of days off in Clinton, Iowa. We had a marvelous time catching up, eating up, swimming, and trying to figure out what the humongous unmarked factory/processing plant in town manufactured.

Thank you so much for making the drive out to see us! We love you, Grandma and Grandpa.

Yesterday, Bob and Laura hit the road again, refreshed and reinvigorated. They went 60ish miles, and we found ourselves in Monticello, Iowa! They left again this morning, after we visited the morning service at St. John’s Lutheran Church a mile or two down the road. It’s a beautiful day for riding – sunny but not too blisteringly hot. Well, maybe that means it’s a better day for sitting around writing blog entries. I don’t know.

Day in the Life of a Uni Trip Techie

So I’ve been writing this entire time without necessarily filling you in on my stuff. Because this trip is about Bob, right? Well, no. As the resident Bob Across America horn-tooter, I was always destined to eventually toot my own horn. And now that day is here.

This unicycle trip is all about ME.

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Oh Noes

We had a little setback on Tuesday, when we stopped after the morning ride to spend the hot part of the day in Beeds Lake State Park. After walking the lovely grounds and gazing at the lake (Laura was the only one who swam), the cyclists settled into their bunks to nap. They were rudely awakened by a loud PSSSHHHHHHH, which wasn’t me blowing raspberries, but Bob’s unicycle tire tube exhaling sharply.

Bob serenely unicycles through a park, a mere hour before the eruption.

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