Bob Across America

Bob Mueller is unicycling from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon to raise money for the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund.

Month: August, 2011

Big Sky Country II

It was at some point in rural Montana, between Bozeman and Butte, that Bob finally revealed the true reason he decided to ride his unicycle across the country.

This cinnamon roll.

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Crawling Right Along

Things were supposed to get easier once we got past the Rockies, right?! Well, I suppose they have, but Laura’s tires have taken to being troublesome, the van is a mess, and the city of Spokane posed a pretty nasty cycling challenge to Bob and Laura yesterday. But the further west we go, the more interesting the conversations we get into are.

It’s so exciting to be thiiiiis close to finishing the journey – 300 miles sounds like such a small distance compared to what we’ve already covered. We’ve been brainstorming ways to celebrate once we reach the Pacific – some of the ideas on the table include:

  • Eating cake and then swimming in the ocean
  • Throwing the unicycle into the ocean
  • Watching all the Twilight films
  • Bob and Laura watching in horror as Annah imbibes heavily and swears never to do anything like this again
  • Driving home immediately

We are totally open to new ideas though. Let us know.

Recap To Come

The Mueller siblings reached Cohasset Beach, Washington on Monday, August 8.

The dizzying whirl of the last few days of the trip, the all-day, all-night driving sessions back to family and friends, and the wild emptiness of it all being over are still sinking in. Plus, all the cool photos ended up in Maine, while the principal blog author was deposited in Ohio. So bear with us a little longer while we sort ourselves out – the juicy details of Bob Across America’s final days will be here soon.

At the End of All Things

Have you ever read a book, or seen a movie, where the main characters all pass out at the end of the epic final battle, and wake up a few days later in a sunny bedroom surrounded by physicians and sleeping friends who never left their sides? And perhaps a jubilant wizard or two. Yes, I feel like this happens a lot.

The noble steeds rest, having survived the violent finale to a long and brutal journey.

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  • 2014 Update

    Welcome to the online chronicle of Bob Mueller's 2011 unicycle journey from Portland, Maine to Cohasset Beach, Washington. The display order of the posts has since been reversed for your chronological reading pleasure. Thanks for browsing and enjoy!

    ~ Annah

  • Donations are accepted online through the link above, or by check payable to:

    The American Red Cross
    2401 Congress St.
    Portland, ME 04102

    Don't forget to reference Bob Across America! Thank you so much.

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