Bob Across America

Bob Mueller is unicycling from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon to raise money for the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund.


Bob’s Friday

Bob here! I haven’t had much of a chance to blog yet, what with the daily12 hours of unicycling, 3 hours of eating, 8 hours of sleep and the hour spent admiring and trying to identify the smorgasbord of beautifully arranged roadkill conveniently set out along our route by overly generous motorists. I started the day off with a fast Tim Hortons calorie fest and we quickly made our way to our starting place about 18 miles outside of Randolph, NY.

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  • 2014 Update

    Welcome to the online chronicle of Bob Mueller's 2011 unicycle journey from Portland, Maine to Cohasset Beach, Washington. The display order of the posts has since been reversed for your chronological reading pleasure. Thanks for browsing and enjoy!

    ~ Annah

  • Donations are accepted online through the link above, or by check payable to:

    The American Red Cross
    2401 Congress St.
    Portland, ME 04102

    Don't forget to reference Bob Across America! Thank you so much.

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