Bob Across America

Bob Mueller is unicycling from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon to raise money for the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund.


Landmarks & Great Art

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Not to worry! Everyone’s doing fine, but spotty internet calls for Mom to learn new skills and upload these photos from Annah.

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Uni Modeling in Malone, New York

Photo courtesy of the Malone Telegram, Malone, NY

Bob and Laura made the front page of the Malone Telegram today.  Thanks to Doug Buchanan for permission to post these photos on the blog!

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Dry Erase Marker Across America

Here are three more Mueller unicyclists mugging in front of the large laminated map of the U.S. proudly hanging in the Mueller kitchen. Sadly, while Bob and Laura are sweating for hours and hours daily, sometimes covering over a hundred miles, there’s a Mueller in Maine hoisting a dry erase marker and covering about an inch. It only takes a second and no one has popped a sweat.

They did not want to pose in front of the map, can you tell?

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Quick Update from South Dakota

The Bob Across America crew-on-the-road are having some issues finding internet to really dish about their day, but here’s some basic info to keep you going until they reach a sweet oasis of internet and power. They’re flying down I-90 West (did you know it’s legal to ride on the interstate in South Dakota?!) toward Rapid City for the next few days, where they hope to rest long enough to see Mount Rushmore and maybe a couple of other cultural/historic spots.
Annah is desperate to share some pics of the countryscape and places she’s visited when the kids are on the road – here’s hoping she gets her internet wish tomorrow!
  • 2014 Update

    Welcome to the online chronicle of Bob Mueller's 2011 unicycle journey from Portland, Maine to Cohasset Beach, Washington. The display order of the posts has since been reversed for your chronological reading pleasure. Thanks for browsing and enjoy!

    ~ Annah

  • Donations are accepted online through the link above, or by check payable to:

    The American Red Cross
    2401 Congress St.
    Portland, ME 04102

    Don't forget to reference Bob Across America! Thank you so much.

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